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Two 1st prizes of EPSRC Science Photo Competition to Cambridge

The photos "Mathematical analysis can make you fly" and "Rayleigh-Taylor instability" received 1st prizes in the EPSRC science photo competition 2013

Congratulations to Joana Grah, Kostas Papafitsoros and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) on their 1st prize in the "People" category of the photo competition with their entry "Mathematical analysis can make you fly."

And more congratulations to Megan Davies Wykes (also from DAMTP) who won the 1st prize in the "Discovery" category with her entry "Rayleigh-Taylor instability."

Mathematical analysis can make you fly: In the picture, maths masters student Joana appears to fly in front of an equation that explains how the trick is done. Digital inpainting (think Photoshop) uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to retouch digital images. Here it was used to remove the stool on which Joana was sitting.

How is Joana managing to float in mid air? The equation on the board explains how the trick is done.

Rayleigh-Taylor instability: This image, of salt water accelerating into fresh water, illustrates what is known as Rayleigh-Taylor instability – which mixes two fluids of different densities. During this phenomenon fluids form unpredictable patterns. Mixing is of great interest to oceanographers in their quest to understand the ocean and its effect on climate.

Rayleigh-Taylor instability 

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