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MRC-LMB - Light Microscopy facility

The modern form of the confocal microscope was developed at the LMB in the mid-80s, and instrument development continues today. Light microscopy is central to the work of many groups at the LMB and the move to a new building has allowed the Laboratory to develop a more centrally organised light microscopy facility with additional support for microscopes belonging to individual groups.

The new LMB building provides 18 microscopy rooms distributed throughout the divisions, as well as a centralised light microscopy facility housing advanced and specialised microscopes. This facility houses three new super resolution microscopes (using structured Illumination, single molecule localization and stimulated emission depletion) offering image resolution below 50nm in suitably prepared samples. In addition, LMB researchers can access specialist, advanced equipment in other local laboratories.

The Light Microscopy Facility is headed by Nick Barry, an optical physicist and specialist in light microscopy.


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