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Department of Genetics

Welcome to Genetics

Genetics has long been known as the science of inheritance. It has also given us tools to understand many of the secrets of how living organisms work – with implications for fields as diverse as medicine, ecology, evolution and agriculture.

Genetics in Cambridge includes some of the early (re)discoverers of the mechanisms of inheritance such as Bateson and Punnett, the great statistician and evolutionary biologist Fisher, and more recently the discovery of embryonic stem cells by Sir Martin Evans and colleagues. Current interests include cell division (important in development, cancer and regeneration), structure and regulation of the genome, neurodegeneration, and the mechanisms of present-day evolution. We share a common interest in using genetic approaches to understand biology, in a multidisciplinary context that includes imaging, biochemistry, computing, and high-throughput genomics, often with colleagues elsewhere in Cambridge and beyond.

The breathtaking advances in genetics continue to offer great prizes to those who can understand and apply the flood of data that they bring. To support this, our educational mission encompasses undergraduate science and medical/veterinary students, research students, postdoctoral scientists, and independent group leaders. Alumni from all these levels are active and often leaders in their fields worldwide, both in scientific research and beyond. I hope that our website will inform and excite you about our work.

Cahir O’Kane
Head of Department to October 2013


Dep. of Genetics - O'Kane Group

Dep. of Genetics - Carazo Salas Group