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a network for developers and users of imaging and analysis tools

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Welcome to IMAGES

Cambridge is home to a wealth of scientific research which includes developing tools for acquisition, visualization, processing and analysis of images. The IMAGES network brings together leading academics from all six Schools, international experts and research-led industries which work on pioneering imaging technologies and analytical algorithms. We aim to stimulate new inquiries and focused dialogues between the sciences, arts and humanities by providing them with a platform for communication.

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The Forum is open

We opened a forum to allow you to discuss about various topics. Here are the categories: Need advice about... / Collaboration offers / Share ideas / Questions about the website / Other topics... Note: a raven account is required to post messages.

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Imaging Clinic

The CMIH & partners host a regular imaging clinic, offering a free, walk in consultation service for imaging related projects. It aims to help and advise on aspects of imaging methodology, including image acquisition & analysis, via focused questions or broad queries in various imaging areas. The clinic runs fortnightly during term, on Wednesday afternoons at 4-5:30, alternating between the Centre for Mathematical Sciences and CRUK. For more information please visit

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Gopi SHAH: ‘Panoramic Light Sheet Microscopy’

Jun 22, 2016

The ever-increasing speed and resolution of modern microscopes make the storage and post-processing of images challenging. We developed a 4-lens light sheet microscope combined with real-time image-processing engine that projects the 3D image volume onto a 2D map, reducing the data generated as well as providing a panoramic view of the sample. In my talk, I will discuss our multi-dimensional imaging approach, integrating whole-embryo live imaging, genetic information and analysis of an ensemble of specimen to understand how large-scale tissue movements shape the early zebrafish embryo.

PhD Position - MRC Cancer Unit

Nov 20, 2015

Oncogene-Induced Remodelling of Cellular Networks: A Systems Biology Approach Using Optogenetics and Next-Generation Microscopy

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