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At present the Department consists of around 250 people, including graduate students, research staff, assistant staff and University Lecturers, Readers and Professors. Within the Department there are numerous Fellows of the Royal Society, among them also members of Academia Europea.

The Department occupies 10,000m2, mostly on the New Museums site in Central Cambridge. The majority of this (7,600m2) is in one building, which fronts on to Downing Street and includes the Museum of Zoology (1,200m2). The Museum contains extensive well-curated collections of international importance, which can provide a useful resource for both teaching and research within the Department. Part of the Department is also on the second and basement floors of the nearby Austin Building (600m2).

Four of the Department's research groups are accommodated in the Wellcome/CR UK Gurdon Institute, 400 metres away on Tennis Court Road. This is an inter-departmental Institute, which also contains members of the Departments of Genetics, Biochemistry, Pathology and Physiology.

The Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour in Madingley village, 5 miles from Cambridge, accommodates 14 members of staff and a Royal Society University Research Fellow and plays a leading role in the study of behaviour and its relationship to the natural environment.

The research of the Department is supported by approximately 80 research grants with a total value in excess of £27m. The principal funders include the UK Research Councils - BBSRC, NERC and MRC, the Royal Society, charities such as the Cancer Research Campaign, the Wellcome Trust, and the Leverhulme Trust, and international organizations including notably the European Research Council and the US National Institutes of Health.